New Construction
Looking at new construction as your next home purchase.  There are many important factors to remember and a REALTOR can play a very important role in that purchase decision.  With a vast knowledge of what future buyers would be willing to pay for some of the upgrades and items you may wish to embellish your new home with the REALTOR can tell you wish upgrades will return the best value.  Bart will also share helpful information about Builders reputations, warranty issues, customary costs and other hidden pitfalls. 

It is also a myth that you will always get a better deal directly from the Builder.  Many builders work with REALTORS because they know that realtors provide the market share of buyers exposed to the market.  Working with a REALTOR in new construction will give you buyer representation, rather than working with an employee of the builder, paid by the builder.  Protect your interests and allows work with a Buyers Agent.

If new construction is a consideration please contact me before you go to any new models.  I will make sure you are registered and the builders agents will not be calling to hassle you.