Working with the GREEN Designee
Selling your GREEN Special Home 

If you have taken the time and effort to build your home and meet some of the GREEN sustainable standards and utilize as many of the energy efficiency’s as possible, then you want to work with an agent who understands the specialty of your property.  Asking you about all of the features that you have built into your GREEN home and being able to market the home effectively, by highlighting the ROI of the energy savings, as well as the potential income that it can produce long-term, are at the top of my list when I work with sustainable homes.  I have a complete checklist of items to make sure that I fully understand every feature, those hidden and those visible when we are talking about the energy efficiencies of your home.  We will create special feature sheets and worksheets that track and show the savings as it has been reported.  While this is still a new part of the marketplace, we will need to make sure that the general consumer understands that your home has been built to a different standard than that traditional home commonly found in the marketplace. 

Buying or Building your GREEN/Energy Efficient home 
You have probably heard something about GREEN, maybe even live that lifestyle today, but want to take it to the next level with a new home.  If you have decided to build or buy an existing GREEN Home, I can helpfully understand and educate you on the features and functions of the energy efficiency's built into these homes.  I also have extensive knowledge of the certifications and rating systems that can be used to really pinpoint this home compared to others.  An experienced agent with years of general core skills in negotiations and general Real Estate enhanced with the complete GREEN understanding can help you make your buying or building process that much smoother. The GREEN Designation is a highly specialized market with many options and alternatives to conventional traditional housing and having an experienced Green Real Estate professional will help eliminate greenwashing or green fatigue.