Finding the Energy Professional for an Audit or Survey?

When seeking an energy surveyor or auditor, a good place to start is often with local utility companies. Some maintain their own staff of surveyors or can provide a list of professionals.

In the commercial building sector, certification of a building by a third party typically requires a detailed analysis based on specific certification standards. Assessments for certification and ratings, like HERS ratings or LEED certification, which will be covered later in the course, require specially trained and certified professionals who can be located through the organizations’ Web sites:


Energy evaluators can also be found through Yellow Pages and online professional service directives. Your network should include energy inspection professionals who perform various levels of assessment.

When selecting an energy assessment professional, ask what types of inspections and tests will be performed and what the analysis report will contain. A thorough assessment includes diagnostic tests.

As with any professional, it is a good idea to ask for references and check with the Better Business Bureau for complaints. Online rating sites, like or Craigslist, can provide customer satisfaction information too.