EPRO  Internet Professional

Your Agent and You should be connected. . .

Earning the e-PRO® certification shows your clients that you are willing to go the extra mile to provide the most up-to-date and sophisticated service, and truly be a success. Applying advanced technologies and social media strategies to your business plan expands your capabilities, increases your reach and builds trust solid communication with your clients.

The importance of social media for real estate professionals.

Everyone is talking about social media these days. It’s in the paper, it’s on the news…it even made it to the movies! People are taking advantage of this growing trend, and promoting their brand or their business through leading social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Real estate professionals who have used these tools, establish a professional brand online, network with potential clients and businesses associates, and promote active listings.


Social media is changing how people do business
The web is often the first place people turn for answers. They use it during every stage of the purchase process for buying everything from a toothbrush, to a television, to a home. Businesses are taking notice, and increasing their online presence, especially on Facebook and Twitter. Real estate professionals are also using social media to offer advice, serve as a resource, and position themselves as the expert in a particular area.

The proof is in the numbers
Today, there are over 500 million users on Facebook, over 70 million on Twitter, and millions of others on YouTube, blog sites, and numerous other social media sites. And the greatest thing about social media marketing is that you can engage these users, and see measurable results, for virtually no money. All agents that have attained the e-PRO designation are really on top of their game and actively involved and connected to their clients.