Distressed Home Owners

If you are one of many families who are in financial trouble because of a declining economy, unstable real estate market, finding it difficult to pay your mortgage, in jeopardy of losing your home to foreclosure, PLEASE contact me for a free consultation! It is imperative that you DO NOT let your home go into foreclosure. There are options you can take. Contact me today.  I am one of the few CDPE Realtors in Michigan specializing in helping families facing the foreclosure process.


 As a Certified Distressed Property Expert, I specialize in working with homeowners who are facing or are in the process of Foreclosure. I am an advocate for families in need of a professional, knowledgeable agent to help them through the issues they’re facing. I help them make informed decisions. I hope to help as many families as possible avoid the devastating consequences of a foreclosure by successfully negotiating a loan modification or ‘short sale’ with their lender(s).


 A Loan Modification or Short Sale is complicated.  A professional CDPE Agent has been trained and certified to professionally advise and assist families through the process. Families need a professional who is willing and able to negotiate, properly prepare documentation, provide factual real estate data and marketing materials to portray our Michigan Real Estate Market so Lenders are able to make good timely decisions to resolve the pending foreclosure.


 Options to Keep Your Home:

1. Loan Modification/Loan Restructuring

2. Loan Forbearance/Repayment Plan

3. Reinstatement Plan

4. Loan Refinance

Pre-Foreclosure or Short Sale:

Acceptable Hardships for Short Sale Consideration?

1. Payment Increase or Mortgage Adjustment

2. Loss of Job/Reduced Income

3. Business Failure

4. Death of Spouse/Family members

5. Severe Illness

6. Divorce/Separation

7. Relocation

8. Military Service

9. Too much debt


Reduce your stress by calling me today to discuss a loan modification or Short Sale as a resolution to your foreclosure issues.  Please give me a call at 734-459-1010 or email me at bpatterson@remax.net.